Top 8 Things Customers Say They Want In a Professional Painter

After working with hundreds of homeowners on the Gold Coast we have found the top things customers say they want in a professional painter. So we put together a long list and sanded it down to create the top 8 things we emphasis here at PaintPRO…

Good Humans
It takes more than just painting skills to join our team, it also takes what we like to call being a good human. Having strangers working in and around your home or property can be an uncomfortable situation so having good humans on our team allows us to make the process a whole lot nicer for our clients. Being courteous, thoughtful and helpful are equally important to being a skilled and experienced tradesperson.

Repaint Specialists
Repainting homes and buildings takes more than slapping on a coat of paint. By specialising in repainting we have perfected our techniques and processes to the point where paint failures are rare and a quality finish is achieved in an efficient manner. 

Professional PTY LTD
PaintPRO is a registered Australian company with all applicable licensing and insurances to conduct repainting works on homes and properties. Professionalism is something we emphasis in all facets of the business. Being fully licensed and insured protects our clients from the risks involved in repainting and renovation works and our warranties provide peace of mind that all work will be completed to a high standard.


I’m sure we have all heard it before… the key to a good paint job is the prep work. Well it’s certainly true. Cleaning surfaces, repairing cracks and holes, creating adhesion and protecting work areas is all part of the painting process and it’s where most corners get cut. Our emphasis on preparation isn’t only to make the paint look good, it’s also to ensure the paint is doing it’s job, protecting homes and buildings for years to come.

Quality Materials

There’s no point spending time and effort preparing surfaces if what’s going to be applied to them is cheap and nasty. Not all paints are created equal, good quality paints have many advantages  including, mould resistance, UV resistance, scuff and mark resistance, increased cleanability, low odour, increased flexibility and much more. So quality materials are a must have when we complete any repainting works.

Time Conscious 

Your busy, we get it… time is valuable and we know there’s nothing worse than when someone wastes your time. Being punctual and having good communication is integral to the way we treat our clients. By using professional CRM, job management, scheduling and accounting software we can ensure no details are lost and appointments are always kept.

Finish Focused

Our passion and pride of work has us picturing the finished product throughout each painting project, which colours are going to work well, what products are best, what preparation needs to be undertaken and how should the coatings be applied. The finished product is a lasting reminder of how well the project was executed, and we want to make sure it’s something everyone can be proud of.

Enjoyable Experience 

Repainting a home or building can be a large undertaking with many things to consider, along with the disruption to the normal use of the home or space. Our goal is to not only give you a beautifully transformed space, but do it in a way that is enjoyable and fun for everyone involved. Giving our clients peace of mind and an enjoyable experience is what we consider a perfect project!

So there you have it the top 8 things our customers have said they want in professional painters. We hope this was insightful and if you know someone who is looking to have repainting works done to their home or property on the Gold Coast, we’d be happy to see if we can help!

Mitchel Kelly
Sterling Coating’s Founder

In 2008, I started a school-based apprenticeship at 15 years old. After my first day on the job, I knew I wanted to become a professional painter and decided to pursue a full-time apprenticeship a week later.

Working in construction at 16 years old I had to learn fast to keep up with the large, experienced work crew.

After my first year I moved to a new employer who worked on the largest scale projects including the world class Soul building in Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast University Hospital and the Southport Central Towers. Working in this environment I honed my painting and decorating skills working on multimillion dollar apartments. I also had incredible exposure to great leadership and was able to acquire practical skills as a leading hand on quite a few major government jobs.

Not long after having the opportunity at leading hand I was promoted to site foreman just before I had finished my apprenticeship at age 19. Managing teams of painters on projects: schools, hospitals and army barracks, I learned the importance of project management to ensure the highest standards and on time completion of jobs for the clients.

I became totally enthralled with business and delivering incredible service through a company. After some intensive research I managed to identify a gap in the Gold Coast painting market and decided to open a company. In 2013 I started what has now grow into Sterling Coating; a full home transformation solution. From colour scheme concepts, digital paint jobs, painting application and multiple painting products. We’ve built a team of paint applicators and Sterling Coating is ready to transform the many unique homes of the Gold Coast.